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The Gympie Area of the HMCCQ meets at 7.30pm on the first Tuesday of each month at the Phoenix Hotel, Red Hill Rd., Gympie, QLD. Following the meeting we often have interesting speakers or videos. All are welcome.

Membership is open to Ordinary Members, Family Members, Life Members and Honorary Members. Yearly subscription is $48 or $66 for a Family.  $20 Joining fee for new members.  Subscriptions fall due on the 1st November each year. If you would like to download a membership form CLICK HERE.

The objectives of the HMCCQ Inc are to encourage proper restoration and preservation of the following classes of motorcycles: 

VETERAN motorcycles constructed up to and including 31st December, 1918.

VINTAGE motorcycles constructed between and including 1st January, 1919 and 31st December 1930.

POST-VINTAGE motorcycles constructed between and including 1st January, 1931 and 31st December 1945.

POST-WAR motorcycles constructed between and including 1st January, 1946 and 31st December 1960.

HISTORIC motorcycles are divided into groups:
* HISTORIC 60s - constructed between 1st January 1961 and 31st December 1969.
* HISTORIC 70s - constructed between 1st January 1970 and 31st December 1979.
* HISTORIC 80s - constructed between 1st January 1980 and 31st December of the year 30 years prior to the current year.

To actively engage in rallies, exhibitions and other events suitable for these machines. To offer the services of the club, its members and vehicles to such charitable organisations as may be decided upon from time to time. To encourage the retention of the above classes of motorcycles in Queensland. Extend club membership.

 To encourage such activities, associated or allied with all or any of the above objectives, which are intended to promote a better and wider knowledge and understanding of motorcycles among club members and the public generally.

Members of HMCCQ are eligible for concessional registration for their "Historic" motorcycles. If you would like to download an application for concessional registration CLICK HERE.

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